Young Jeezy Reveals Album Tracklist

His album is almost here, and already the album is about to be one worth buying.

Young Jeezy released the tracklist for his upcoming album, “Seen It All: The Autobiography,” and with singles such as “Seen It All,” “Me OK,” and his most recent single,”Beautiful,” the album has many fans anticipating the release of the album. With features from The Game, Jay Z, Lil Boosie, and many more, this album is going to be making top charts within the first week. There are also features on the album from Kelly Rowland and Akon, but they are only on the album when bought at Best Buy.

Check out the tracklist below for his upcoming album,  “Seen It All: The Autobiography,” which will be available September 2.

1. ¬ Block
2. What You Say
3. Black Eskimo
4. Enough
5. Holy Ghost
6. Me OK
7. 4 Zones
8. Addicted featuring T.I. & YG
9. Fuck The World
10. Seen It All featuring Jay Z
11. Win Is A Win
12. Beautiful featuring Rick Ross & Game
13. Beez Like featuring Lil Boosie
14. No Tears featuring Future
15. Perfection
16. Shady Life featuring Kelly Rowland [Best Buy Bonus Track]
17. Been Getting Money featuring Akon [Best Buy Bonus Track]

Image via Young Jeezy


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