Love Life + Be Happy

Hello to all.

Just thought I would get some writing done for the night and trying to make myself as sleepy as possible so I can go to sleep as early as possible.

So, this topic is definitely one that is an issue that needs to be talked about, which is people who are constantly trying to bring other people down for NO REASON. Like none whatsoever. I mean, what purpose do they serve besides being a hater? What good are they doing? They annoy me with a passion because they spend all of their time trying to hate on the next person, especially someone who is working their hardest to become successful in life. For those who hate on another person, your job is to live life, not become a bitter bitch. No one likes those type of people because it brings them down and it distracts them. Be the cheerleader or even the support they are looking for. Don’t be the asswipe that wants to see them fail. It makes you look stupid and like a jackass. No, seriously it does. If you want to be truly supportive of them, support them as much as you can. Don’t rain on their parade to find sunshine in your world. Just be someone’s fan and you never know, you just might get positivity and more support in your life.


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