Love You.

So many of us hear this all of the time, whether it is coming from family, coworkers, or even friends that we are extremely close with. But, when it comes to relationships this is difficult because many people who are in relationships say they love each other when they really don’t. This is an issue because as easy as it may seems to love someone, it’s really not. It not only takes a lot of trust, time, patience, energy, and commitment to a relationship, but it really takes a lot (yes, I do mean A LOT) of love to put into ONE person. Now, saying “I Love You” is great, but when that person means it when they say it, it is extremely beautiful for 2 reasons: they really do love that person AND they’ve been around that person long enough to fall in love with them. Just saying it, however, really doesn’t mean anything. Now, before any of you try to have a negative comment to make, here is why: saying you love someone means that you actually have to mean it. Someone telling you they love you (or vice versa) is like getting a Christmas gift: if they didn’t put any meaning or heartfelt sincerity to it, then what is the purpose of it coming from that person at all?

Bottom line is this: If you truly love someone and you show it and say it, then you’re all good as well as vice versa + the relationship going great. But, like the old saying goes “Action speaks louder than words” so don’t say “I love you” if you really don’t mean it.


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