Top Five Best Make Up Artists In LA

So, I am always on Instagram checking out who does the BEST make up and even though I do not live in Los Angeles anymore (I know, it’s horrible) for all of my ladies (and fabulous gents) who want to get their make up done by the best in LA, I thought I would write a top five list of those people who are the best at being artists with brushes and foundation.

Now, before I begin, this is NOT to say who is the best of the best. These are just my top five favorite ladies (and men, of course) who are amazing at make up.

1. Angel Merino (IG: mac_daddyy)

His make up work is so AMAZING! Not only has he worked with Mel B, Christina Milian, but he has even worked with Cassie and so many other celebrities and made their make up come to life. If you are into make up and you want to see how to do it, you’ll definitely want to check it out.

2. Etienne Ortega (Twitter and IG: etienneortega)

If you have ever wanted to get your make up done like his clients, including The Kardashian sisters, Paris Hilton, Lilly Ghalichi, or anyone who is well known in the entertainment business, you would definitely want your make up done by Etienne Ortega. Although he’s been doing make up for a long time, Ortega’s artistry through his make up is just simply amazing.

3. Jessica Quezada (Twitter & IG: makeupbyjq)

Her make up work is amazing and not only can you tell her passion through her make up, but she studies her work very well. Quezada’s make up work has gotten her to work with many different people, including well-known hairstylist Yaya.

4. Brittany (IG: MsBrittanyDuet)

With her experience in make up, Brittany definitely showcases her talent through make up. Not to mention her work on many models and celebrities, who wouldn’t want to go to her to get their make up done and looking beautiful?

5. Jackee (IG: JackeeGee)

No rookie into the world of make up, Jackee has definitely proved that she is definitely one make up artist that can make anyone feel beautiful and make the ladies and gets even more flawless. Did I ever mention that she also did make up for celebrities, including Blac Chyna and now is working for Chyna’s beauty bar?


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