Now, I’m not relationship expert nor do I have any type of degree in relationships. But, what I do know is this: there are a lot of people in relationships for the WRONG reasons. One reason in particular is that people are more focused on what someone looks like rather than their personality, how they act in public, whether they are going to be great mothers and | or wives in the future, or any other possible reason. I mean it’s great you want to have someone that is attractive, but you shouldn’t want someone that EVERYONE wants or has already been with. Just because a guy has a cute and smile and abs doesn’t quite qualify him as boyfriend material or a female who has big “features” and teeth in place doesn’t quite fit the entire requirement of being your future wife and mother to your children.

Another problem is social media because a lot of you who are in relationships are too focused on who and what is going on in social networking. An example is of guys who are in relationships who posts ANOTHER FEMALE as his Woman Crush Wednesday. I don’t get why any man who is in a relationship would want to post another woman on his page instead of the girl he is with. Just like I have a problem with guys who allow their women to be half naked on social media and think it’s cute. I don’t think it’s sexy for a woman to wear little to no clothing for everyone to see when the focus of the picture should be for your MAN, not to look like you are seeking attention. It’s one thing if you have to post like that for a job, but it’s another for the world to see every part of you and then expect for everyone to not comment on it.

Once again, I’m not an expert at relationships or do I have any statistics. But, what I do know is this: relationships are about being in love and not allowing unimportant people to be a part of your relationship. That means no side females (or men), no “friends,” or people you don’t even know to be a part of your relationship. If you want to show your love for the person you’re with, that’s great. But, there’s more to a relationship than just posting a picture of your boo on Instagram or looking for love in the wrong places.


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  1. it’s really hard to say what is right or wrong about love and love relationships, we all have our patterns or at least the way we were educated to qsee things or imagine how they should be.
    As you mentionned it , I wouldn’t like to share on intimate level or half naked pics of my wife or share also halk naked pics on social medias of other woman but that’s my point of view, some others are into exhibitionnist, some others like to have a free “sexual” life agreeing to have different partners other than the regular “ones” as long as things are told and both partners ( and I do mean both not just one) agree to that and are happy that way, that’s their business. We are far from the lovely fairy tales that we grow with, with lovely princess and princes, they don’t exists nowadays and people in real life are far from that idea.
    As you said it, some do all they can to have that appearance of life, a lovely sexy muscular guy that wants to marry the perfect looking girl with the perfect house with the perfect kids that will all be CEO of their own companies in the future… and do all this in appearance but have a sad life for real, I don’t envy them but if people agree to go that way that’s their problem…. You’re not staring at the barrel of a gun when you’re deciding to make your life with someone( or at least I hope so) sometimes it’s better to be alone rather than being with bad company !


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