What Inspires YOU?

Everyone has that one (or even more than one) individual that they have that they look up to. Whether is Beyonce or even Superhead, there are always people who you are your role models for many of reasons, including how hard they work, how much success they have, or even their background and where they come from to get to where they are right now.

For me, I get inspired by those who work hard at their craft and really are passionate about what they do. Of course my biggest inspirations are my mother and Beyonce and Michelle Obama because of how classy there, but those who truly are hardworking people. People like Marianna Hewitt, Angela Yee, Gisselle (GeexZee), Monica Lin, Geebin Flores, Angel Brinks, Jordan Craig, Daver Campbell, YesJulz, Paulina Salinas (Pulli), Heather Sanders, Yesi Ortiz, and so many hardworking + amazing people who truly do have a passion for what they do really motivates me as a person to really work hard for what I love no matter what and go out there and push myself to become that person I need to be. Yes, they may not be Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, or any other female in the entertainment world, but the people that inspire me aren’t just any person. They are people that I look up to because I want the same amount of success they have and work as hard as they do for their success. If it wasn’t for those people (including my mother who is my biggest inspiration) as well as a lot of amazing people I did not mention, I wouldn’t be doing a blog or even having a goal for what I want to do with my life.

As I’ve already mentioned, another group of people that inspire me are those who truly hustle for what they want. They are the people who are truly giving a 110% to their goals and not allowing anyone to knock them off their game and just trying to focus on what they really want in life. They put in a lot of work each and everyday and I respect them a lot and admire them because these are the people who are just hardworking and really do what they do for themselves and their families and the people they care about. They are truly bosses.

So, the question is this: who inspires YOU to do what you do?


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