What Life Is Really About

So, today was a very interesting day. Not because of someone mysteriously popping into my life or anything weird happening to me, even though a random guy tried to sell me perfume that was named after weed…yes that really did happen to me, by the way ladies and gentlemen. But, I really sat down and thought about my life and where it was going.

As I am sitting here late at night, I finally have realized of how blessed I am. Although this year is about to come to an end, this year has had some bad moments, but overall I’m blessed to have made it to another year. I mean, I’m not gonna lie and say that this year was easy for me. But, what I can say is that I have finally realized what it truly means to live life.

Living life doesn’t mean that you have to go and do crazy things (I’m so serious, don’t do shit that will get you killed or in jail) but what I am saying is live life the way you want to live it. Just because things happen doesn’t mean you have to pause life and stop what you are doing. Don’t have expectations to live life based on other people when you aren’t even living in the moment and cherishing memories for yourself. Of course you should be serious about things that are important, but don’t be too serious and not go out and have fun. Life is beyond too short to not go out there and try something new or even just live for right now.

All I am saying is this: yes life need to be taken a little bit more seriously. Yes, people need to appreciate life a little better. But, don’t be so serious to the point of where you start losing who you are and what your purpose for life is. Do things you never thought you could do. Go follow your dreams for once. Be adventurous. Most importantly, however, is just do one simple thing…


Okay, I’m done. Goodnight, everyone!






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