YesJulz: Miami (And The World) Favorite Girl

You see her Snaps almost (or even one time) everyday. She hangs out with all of your favorite celebrities, including NBA, MLB, and NFL players, models, and popular social media people. Not to mention she does all of this for a living and they love her, not to mention the people (including myself) who watches her snaps and looks up to her.

YesJulz is not your average female who gets up and takes pictures for a living, then goes out to party at night. What is so amazing about her is that the lifestyle of popping bottles with everyone from Kyrie Irving to Johnny Manziel to Drake is just normal to her. While many people think that her life is far from easy, she doesn’t believe that it is easy. But, how does she show people who she really is? Snapchat, an app that is used to broadcast anything you want and see the lifestyle of your favorite people, is her own reality show to let thousands (and possibly MILLIONS) of people see what Julz do on the daily basis and let everyone into her world.

A woman that works hard as hard as a boss (she even has her own agency, YesJulz! Agency and website,, but still humbles herself like a humanitarian, and still lives her life? Who wouldn’t want that life? Although she believes the road to her journey as one of the top Miami party people is just the beginning, it is her success, humble ways, exceptional work ethic, and personality that makes the world fall in love with her even more.


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