Album Review: J-Cole – “2014 Forest Hills Drive”

After much anticiaption, waiting, and paitence, J.Cole’s “2014 Forest Hills Drive” is finally here, although the album was once again leaked to everyone. With a release date, but no promotion nor any single being dropped from it, it is an album that is definitely pretty much everyone’s favorite hip hop album, including mine. The album is one that not only is original and real as in REAL, but it is an album that a lot of people can relate to, including those who have gone through the things he’s gone through in his personal life. The 13 track album has songs that will make you think, make you laugh, or even make you realize what the true meaning of life is really about.

The album begins with the “Intro,” which asks one question: Are you really happy or are you just pretending to be in front of others? What is so beautiful about this is that it is a question that is asked whenever it comes to those who pretend to be happy, but deep down inside haven’t found their own happiness.

“January 28th “is one of those songs that makes you two things: inspire you to go out there and work hard and think about the message and what he is saying in his lyrics rather than just what the single is about.

“Wet Dreamz” is a record that many young men can relate to because of how they’ve thought about a woman they’ve crushed on or even thought about having sex with or even just spit game to. What is also crazy is that it also talks about how it can also connect to the idea of how there are a lot of guys who can say they had sex before, but really never slept with any female at all. It’s kind of a role reversal because of how a female is asking a guy to show her his skills in the bedroom rather than vice versa.

The next single, “03 Adolescence,” talks about two things: love and life. This is definitely one record to listen to because it is one single that is about how he had to learn certain things on his own, including how to have confidence in himself when it comes to talking to a female and how he had to learn things on his own about life itself.

“A Tale Of 2 Citiez” not only has an amazing beat, but the record is definitely one of my favorites because it is about how to get rich and to make your own success, while “Fire Squad” is calling out all of the white rappers that has taken his awards and success away from him and giving respect to all of the “kings” in the world.

Another record I really like “St. Tropez” because it is one you can not only bop your head to, but is a single that can remind you of being in St. Tropez because of being in a place that is calm and peaceful. Even though the record is made for those who smoke (no judgment to those who smoke weed) it is definitely still one that is really great.

“G.O.M.D.” is also great album because the beat is just INCREDIBLE and the record overall is just amazing because it can make people visualize living that life of being in the hood and learning how to only trust certain people and how to love everyone, including those who hurt you.

“No Role Modelz” is my favorite record on this album because it is about two things: telling young girls that they don’t have to look up to females who are strippers, video models, or even just prostitutes to make themselves and the record is giving praise to the women who work hard and try to not be insecure within themselves.

Jumping into the next single, “Hello” is an open letter to himself and how he lost out on what  love truly means in life. It is also a reflection single because he is thinking about how he really can’t be a step-father

The next record, “Apparently,” thinks back on his life and reflecting on the things he has done in his life. He also talks about how he could’ve done to make his family and the people that matters in his life much better.

The closing single is “Love Yourz” and why this single is just really great is because it is all about working hard for not only yourself, but for the people that matter and really working hard to get what you want and making yourself happy. It is really a dedication single to those who want to give up on their dreams but know they can’t because of those who are supporting them. It also sends one message: LIVE LIFE.

The album ends with “Note To Self,” which gives love to EVERYONE who helped him on the record, as well as the fans.

Overall, the album is just incredible. It really makes you think and it is about life itself. The album also makes you think about some of the things he went through and what he had to do to get to where he is now. You can tell that he put a lot of heart and effort into this album.

Everytime I listen to his albums or mixtapes, I am never disappointed. I was really impressed with the album because it made me think about why I fell in love with hip hop in the first place.

If you really want to listen to hip hop, listen to this album. It is worth the wait and it’s worth listening to on repeat.

2014 Forest Hills Drive is available now.


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