Camille Speaks Out About Husband’s Rape Allegations

For weeks, Bill Cosby has been in the hot seat for raping not one, not two, not even five or 10, but 19 women, in addition to the recent accusation of Cosby drugging her and raping her. His wife, Camille, finally spoke out about the recent rape allegations many people have made about her husband.

During an interview, Cosby stated of how much her husband loves her and isn’t the man people portray her to be, which is a rapist. In addition, she explains how her famous husband did not rape those women and is the same man we all know and love. She also adds not only how she is the only person that knows her husband, but also believes the media should allow accusers to explain themselves before they publish a story.

Here is a statement she made about her husband:



“I met my husband, Bill Cosby, in 1963, and we were married in 1964. The man I met, and fell in love with, and whom I continue to love, is the man you all knew through his work. He is a kind man, a generous man, a funny man, and a wonderful husband, father and friend. He is the man you thought you knew.

A different man has been portrayed in the media over the last two months. It is the portrait of a man I do not know. It is also a portrait painted by individuals and organizations whom many in the media have given a pass. There appears to be no vetting of my husband’s accusers before stories are published or aired. An accusation is published, and immediately goes viral.

We all followed the story of the article in the Rolling Stone concerning allegations of rape at the University of Virginia. The story was heart-breaking, but ultimately appears to be proved to be untrue. Many in the media were quick to link that story to stories about my husband – until that story unwound.

None of us will ever want to be in the position of attacking a victim. But the question should be asked – who is the victim?”

In addition to supermodel Beverly Johnson’s statement article about how Cosby raped her, another victim of his has come forward. Model + lapdancer Chloe Goins made a statement about how she was drugged by him and even licked and bit her toes when she woke up, in addition to pleasuring himself. Goins does have an attorney + will be making a statement this week.


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