Love And Hip Hop Recap

It’s baaaaack! The drama, love, relationships, and everything in between is back for an all new season and even more new people.

The brand new season began with Yandy Smith and Mendeecees  finally reuniting after he was sent to jail last year (everyone knows what happened with that) and finally was together once again. Awww, such a cute moment! We were all then reintroduced to Erica Mena and Cyn Santana and their relationship. During the first episode, Erica and Cyn were talking about working out their problems and trying to make their relationship “better” and much stronger, as well as the kiss between Ms Mena and her now fiancee Shad Moss “Bow Wow.” and how much it really bothered Cyn.

In this episode, we were introduced once again to Peter and Amina(who had their baby girl) and Amina explains to Peter of how much she doesn’t want his baby mama and former girlfriend, Tara, around their baby. Talk about baby mama drama! The world was also introduced to Diamond Strawberry, daughter of former baseball player Daryl Strawberry, who has dreams of becoming a model of pursuing a relationship with producer Cisco Rosado, who has worked with many artists in the entertainment industry. Then, we were reintroduced to Tara, who only wants to keep a co-parent relationship between her and Peter and wants nothing to do with him as far as dating or even being together again.

We were also introduced to Chrissy, who is a manager for a lot of models, and Chink Santana, who has worked for artists such as Ja Rule, Ashanti, and many other artists in the music world, and how their relationship is not so great since Chink was filing from divorce from his now ex-wife, as well as the two of them trying to work their relationship out to make it better. Things got turned back to Yandy and Mendeecees, who made a big surprise to his son, Mendeecees Jr., of him reuniting with his father once again. Nothing like a beautiful moment, am I correct or no?

We were switched back to Cisco + Diamond’s relationship, who believes that Cisco is faithful, but doesn’t realize that Cisco really isn’t ready to be tied down to anyone. MHM!

We then turn back to Yandy, who created a welcome home party for Mendeecess and were also to reintroduced to Rich Dollaz, who has been working on a liquor line, and even went to Chrissy, who told Richie Rich (and the entire world) that Erica used to work for her as an escort, as well as Erica being “Hollywood,” and even made it a promise to have a “conversation” with her the next time they saw each other in person. Well damn!

Things got even more cuter for Mendeecees and Yandy when he took her on a surprise trip to Las Vegas so the two of them can get married and be together forever, although Yandy was not so for marriage at a chapel. However, things did not turn out so well for Rich Dollaz and Erica when the two met up for the first time in months, although it was a bad timing because Rich and Chrissy were in another room for the casting call for models for Rich’s liquor line. Things got even more crazier because Erica felt that Rich did not pay her for the music she did for him, but Rich felt that she did it due to them being together. Meanwhile, Chrissy sees Erica and Chrissy tells Erica that she was an escort for her and that she is nothing more than a prostitute and a former escort of hers, but Erica says that she never did work for Chrissy and that she is delusional. Talk about drama all in one episode!

Tune in next time to Love and Hip Hop New York to see more drama and tune here for another recap of Love and Hip Hop New York!


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