5 Ways That Someone Is Really Into You

Have someone ever liked you, but you just didn’t know it? Is there anyone who have ever tried to talk to you and genuinely wanted to talk to you, but you really didn’t recognize signs? Well, these are just a few ways that someone is into you.

1) What They Know About You? People will usually notice what they either know about you by asking around what things you like, when is your birthday, how much time do you spend doing a certain thing, or even just trying to get to know you. If they spend WAY TOO MUCH time, they are stalking you. But, if they know your birthday in order to get something nice for you and go out of their way, then that is considered a crush.

2) Time? There are certain people who want to spend a lot of time with you just because they are trying to get to know you. Even if that person is busy and has no time on their hands, they will make a way to make you smile.

3) Social Media? If someone likes pictures of you AND|OR posts messages like “*_*” or something that will make you blush on Instagram, that is considered a crush or they just think you are beautiful.

4) Feelings? Someone can show you how they feel about you by just by what they are doing. Whether it is writing a song, creating a love poem, or even writing a subliminal message on social media about YOU, if someone shows you they care about you and really want to be yours, give them at least ONE chance. Who knows, that person may be really good for you?

5) Respect – This is really an important thing because this is not shown. If a guy or female shows you no respect, they aren’t into you, they are into your pockets, status, or underwear. (or at least trying to get in there) BUT, if they treat you like the person you deserve to get treated as and they don’t treat you like family or friend and they give you the upmost respect, then that person really likes you.


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