Azealia Banks Releases Excerpt from Slavery Fable

Azealia Banks has been in the middle of a lot of Twitter wars, including one with Iggy Azalea and yet another one with Action Bronson. Now, the rapstress is planning to release a story called “Idle Delilah.” The short story is all about a young slave named Delilah Maisley, who is living in a cruel world, in addition to dealing with evil slave owner + her stepfather, Luther Luciferian Lynch.

This is an excerpt from her short story below:

Delilah was a curious girl much to the dismay of her mother.

Like other little girls she had a fondness of all things feminine and had a special affinity for her mother’s fancy vanity. She spent several hours at the gold-trimmed victorian mirrors applying scented face powders, and red lipstick under the care of her mammy Ms. Maisley. She was the youngest of the Lynch children. Her next sibling, John John, 7 years her senior spent his time playing with the Bush boys leaving Delilah all alone. John John’s summers were full of days playing catch, trapping unfamiliar insects, and fishing near Broken Black river. While Delilah spent most of her days sitting on her family’s front porch idling away, playing with imaginary friends, her Jacks, and the collection of dolls she amassed from her father’s travels; she longed to travel into the fields to make friends with some of the Negro children.

To read more, check out her Tumblr right now.


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