Florida Officer Killed In Shooting

An officer was fatally shot at this morning and although there is no word on why or even how the incident even happened, the suspect is currently custody.

Charles Kondek was an 18 year veteran for the Tarpon Springs Department for 17 years. In addition, he formerly was an officer for the New York Police Department before working for the TSPD. He responded to a noise complaint around 2 a.m. of the suspect and his girlfriend making loud noises.

The suspect, Marco Antonio Parilla Jr., was banging on the door, while his girlfriend was blasting her music loud. A neighbor asked his girlfriend to lower her music and when she refused to do so, the neighbor then called 911. When he arrived to answer the complaint of the neighbor, Parilla then shot him.


(Image via USA Today)

Parilla then order the driver out of the vehicle, then ran over Kondek and drove off. Tarpon Springs Police officers and the suspect engaged in a car speed chase, where Parilla then crashed the car, then fled on foot, where he was later arrested. As for Kondek, he was rushed to a nearby hospital, where he later died from his injuries.

The suspect has served more than two years for crimes he has committed, including drug charges, and was released from jail in March, although he was known as a fugitive for violating his probation. When he saw officer Parilla, he immediately got scared because he felt “like a caged rat” and refused to go back to prison. Once arrested, he told the family of Kondek that he apologizes for his actions and that it was not his intention to kill him at all.

According to USA Today, Florida Senator Marco Rubio made this statement:

“Earlier today my wife and I were saddened to hear of the killing of Tarpon Springs police officer Charles Kondek, just hours after the nation was shocked by the horrific murder of two NYPD officers. These killings are stark and somber reminders of the risks our men and women in law enforcement take each and every day to keep us and our families safe.”

Police are still investigating the murder of Kondek.

The shooting took place just one day after two NYPD officers were shot and killed in Bed-Stuy, New York.


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