Jameis Winston Cleared of Wrongdoing in Conduct Hearing

Florida State University football star Jameis Winston was found not guilty during a hearing today for violation of code of conduct within the university.

The Seminoles quarterback was accused of violating four code of conducts, including two code of conducts for sexual misconduct and another two for endangerment. Former Florida State Supreme Court Chief Judge Major Harding ruled that the amount of evidence was “insufficient.”

Although the name of the victim that accused the football star of sexually assaulting her just two years ago will not be named, a statement he submitted during the hearing was a statement that involved every event that took place that night. However, the woman accusing Winston has from now until January 13 to appeal the ruling.

According to ESPN, Winston also pleaded his innocence about the events that led up to the hearing:

“‘At some point they will be held accountable, so I have determined that it is in my best interests to exercise my right pursuant to Rule 6C2R-3.004 (6)(d)of the Florida State University Student Code of Conduct and answer questions when experienced lawyers and other experts can assist me in confronting [the accuser’s] false accusation and when [the accuser] is subject to the penalty of perjury and other claims for [the accuser] falsely accusing me of rape,’ Winston said in the statement.”

Winston is currently eligible to play in the Rose Bowl game against Oregon on New Years Day, which will be one step closer to the National Championship Game.

Credit/Source: ESPN | Photo: Instagram


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