Jay Z + Beyonce Loses $70 Million Home Deal

Even if you are a celebrity or even two people that are a high profile celebrity couple, sometimes things don’t go well for you.

That is exactly what happened to Jay Z and Beyonce when they lost a deal for a home they planned to purchase in Beverly Hills. They lost that home to Markus Persson, owner of Minecraft, who bought the home for $70 billion. The amount of money he paid for the home is the most anyone has ever paid for in Beverly Hills.

So, how did he make all of that money to purchase such a large home? Well, Persson sold his own video gaming company to Microsoft for $2.5 billion back in September and just this past week, he purchased the outbid the celebrity couple of $70 million, which is $15 million lesser than the original asking price of the home.

What comes with the home? Not only does the 23,000 square foot home come with eight bedrooms and 15 baths, but according to CNBC, here are just a few features the home comes along with:

  • A massive living room with a 54-foot, retractable wall of glass that opens to an infinity pool and one of the best views of LA and the ocean in all of Beverly Hills.

  • The ultimate candy bar. The house has a massive wall of candy dispensers with more than $200,000 worth of candy. Conveniently, it’s right next to the home gym.

  • A gallery for your Bugatti. Every bachelor needs a place to keep their Lambo. But Persson’s new garage is more of a high-tech viewing gallery, with hydraulic floors that lower cars into the home’s downstairs lounge and giant rotating floors to turn the car to the perfect viewing angles.

  • Living in the fast lane. The living room has a sofa and chair set built by Bentley Motors, with their signature leather and wood. Cost: $500,000.

  • The wine cellar is stocked with hundreds of bottles of Dom Perignon and other fine champagne and wine, so Persson will never go dry.

  • The 24-person dining table has place settings by Roberto Cavalli at $3,700 each.

  • A lot of skin. There are rare animal hides everywhere in the house, with the drawers of the men’s dressing room lined with alligator skin and the door to the cinema room (one of the most expensive in LA) lined with Italian lizard skin.

  • Logos everywhere. From the Fendi logos on the rugs to the Bentley “B” on the couches and logos in the paintings, this house screams status. The walls of the master bedroom suite were covered in a highly crafted material found only in Louis Vuitton stores.

  • Tons of art. From a giant Leica camera to a replica of James Dean’s motorcycle and a massive $250,000 sculpture of a hand-grenade and antique machine gun, the art in this house plentiful but manly.

  • A gold toothbrush. Persson can move right in, since everything in the house is included. He even gets a special gold toothbrush made specifically for the house.

If that doesn’t impress you just take a look at a few of the photos of the home below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Credit: CNBC | Photos: Rodeo Realty


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