Names of Victims + Suspect Released of NYPD Shooting

Names of the officers who were killed, along with the suspect have been released, in addition to new information about the officers.

Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu, both law enforcement officers for the New York Police Department were sitting next to a liquor store in a marked car on the corner of Myrtle and Tompkins Avenues in Bed-Stuy, New York, when a man walked up to the car and shot both of them in the head. The suspect then fled to a nearby subway station, where officers surrounded him and he then proceeded to shoot himself in the head.

What many people do not know about Ismaaiyl Brinsley, the gunman, also had a wrap sheet of many crimes, including robbery and carrying a concealed weapon in both Georgia and Ohio, although he was originally born in New York. He is also believed to be the suspect in the shooting of his former girlfriend in Baltimore, in addition to having revenge against the officers in the deaths of both Michael Brown and Eric Garner. Although she survived the incident, she is going to be questioned by Baltimore police once she fully recovers.

According to the New York Times, just yesterday, President Obama made a statement about the double murders:

Late Saturday night, President Obama condemned the “murder of two police officers in New York City,” noting that officers who serve their communities “deserve our respect and gratitude every single day. Tonight, I ask people to reject violence and words that harm, and turn to words that heal — prayer, patient dialogue, and sympathy for the friends and family of the fallen.”

While Ramos was an officer for NYPD since 2012, but Liu has been an officer for since 2007. Officer Ramos is survived by his two children, one who is 13 and another one who is in college, while Liu is survived by his wife, who he married only 2 months ago.

Prayers are going out to both families of Officers Ramos and Liu.

Photo: NYPD | Credit: NYT


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