Music Video: QuESt – “Decades”

Although his leave from Visionary Music Group was one that had a lot of people wondering why, QuESt released a brand new single that explains his departure from the same music group that Logic + Jon Bellion is currently in. “Decades” is a record that is letting all of his emotions out about why he left and why he made the decision he made, as well as telling fans that the move he had to make was a decision that was difficult, but he had to move on.

The Thelonious Martin – produced record also talks about how much hard work he puts into his music and how his work ethic is just that damn great.

The following statement + newest single is also one single that can be found below:

“Visionary Music Group has always been a label I have admired & still do admire to this day. My time with them has been amazing, & I have learned a great deal that will always remain with me no matter where I go. However, as life progresses, so does your growth as a person.

With that being said, I am no longer a part of Visionary Music Group. I have made a decision to move forward without them, & focus on myself & my brand. There are absolutely no ill feelings towards anyone over there. I love them all & cherish everything that they have done for me. This is a decision I have made in order for me to continue growing as an artist & as a brand the way I see fit. To my supporters, understand that I love you, & this is truly just the beginning.

There is much more in store. Thank you for rocking with me this far. I hope you can all continue this ride that we are on, because I don’t intend on stopping anytime soon. And if you feel that this is your stop, & you need to get off this train, then thank you for coming along for the ride. You are appreciated. WiseUp. Sincerely, – QuESt”


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