Oklahoma Instructor Gets Fired For Cramming Children Into Car

An Oklahoma instructor is fired after she tried to put 11 children into her car.

Middle school math instructor Heather Cagle was trying to reward her students by taking them to Wal-Mart for a snack run. However, she did not have enough room to fit all 11 kids into her Honda Accord. What did she do? She put nine children into the car and stuffed them, while the other two children were put into the trunk of her car.

Before the incident, she was an instructor for 10 years at R.J. Wells Middle School in Catoosa. However, once the school found out about her actions, she was released from her position.

According to New York Daily News, although she felt what she did was right, it still wasn’t enough to keep her job:

“It took five minutes for the students, members of the school’s yearbook, to cram into the teacher’s Honda Accord, a road trip fail caught on school surveillance video. Two 12-year-old girls made the journey locked in the car’s trunk while seven more created a human pyramid in the back seat, the school said.

Not only was the teacher’s clown car stunt dangerous, but school officials said Cagle needed to get the parents’ permission before taking the students off campus.

About 50 supporters showed up to support Cagle at the school hearing, but the board voted 4-1 for her dismissal, citing student safety.”

[Credit: New York Daily News]


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