Teenager Killed For Robbery of Air Jordan XI’s

A teenager was killed after trying to attempt to steal another person’s shoes.

Jawaad Jabbar was running late to Dayton Mall in Township, Ohio to get the new pair of Air Jordan XI’s. Two other teens, including Jabbar saw two men with the pair of shoes and Jabbar pulled out his gun in attempt to shoot them. One of the men, who was also carrying a gun, shot Jabbar after the young male attempted to rob him. He then died a short time later.

According to Cincinnati’s WLWT5, the shooter told Sgt. Jay Phares that he had a concealed weapon at the time of the incident.

“This was a random act of ‘I want something that person has and I’m going to take it from them by any means,’” Phares said.

The man who shot Jabbar has a concealed carry permit, Phares said. He said the CCW holder may have violated mall policy if he had the gun in the mall, but that determination wasn’t part of the police department’s investigation.

Two other teens were arrested Tuesday in connection with the incident. Formal charges have not been filed, police said. Phares said the two could end up being charged with murder.

No formal charges have been filed, but there is a possibility of the two men being charged with murder.

Since the release of the popular shoes, that have been a lot of reports and incidents of conflicts over the shoes, including a man getting pepper sprayed while standing in line.



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