Album Review: Nicki Minaj – “The PinkPrint”

So, after taking a long time, I was finally able to listen to Nicki Minaj’s The PinkPrint.

Although the album was not surprising because of how talented Nicki Minaj is, but you can tell that she put a lot of hard work and emotion into the singles she put on the album. From being a boss to clarifying rumors to telling it all, this album either made me want to cry, twerk, or remind myself to not let anyone bring me down and to work hard for my own success.

The album began with “All Things Go,” which is all about how much she regrets losing her cousin, her proposal from her ex. What made me love this record is that this single is allowing people to see who she is as a person and that she does have feelings and that she is human.

“I Lied” is a record that is about how much she loved her man but used to make excuses for not saying it or would say that she wouldn’t need him or didn’t love him when she did. If you ever been in love, I’m sure many of you would know how this record would make you feel.

“Crying Games” is about how she fought her man, but she showed her love for her as much as she could. She also explains in this single how much she cried everytime she was hurt.

“Get On Your Knees” is a single that is definitely a single that is dance to while you are at the club with your girls. With Ariana Grande’s vocals, this is definitely one record that will have you calling your girls and dance at a party all night long.

“Feeling Myself,” which is one of my favorite songs from the album, is one record that will have you feeling like you are a boss. Along with some assistance from Beyonce, the single is all about having confidence in yourself and not letting any negative opinion get to you.

“Only” is clarifying any rumors of her ever sleeping with Drake and Lil Wayne, while Chris Brown sings about how he only want the real ones and bad bitches in his corner. Not to mention it is one of the hottest songs out right now. Meanwhile, “Want Some More” is telling everyone, including her competitors, of who is the best female rapper in this industry right now.

“Four Door Aventador” is a record that has a slow but dope beat, she lets people know how much of a boss she is and how she can make demands with the snap of her fingers. Ms. Minaj lets her competitors know that she is that WOMAN and that no one can touch her.

The next two records after this boss-inspired single are all about love. “Favorite,” which features Jeremih, talks about how she wants someone to be her man’s favorite and only woman. “Buy A Heart,” which features Meek Mill, however, is about no matter how much money you make and how much success you have in your life, it doesn’t replace love and having a relationship.

Going into the next record, “Trini Dem Girls” is a single that is all about her representing for the Trini girls. With the help of Lunchmoney Lewis, the single is a single made for all of the girls all over the world, including the Carribean women.

The hit single, “Anaconda,” is definitely a song that will have every girl in a party twerking. Not to mention it is the second single from her album. “The Night Is Still,” however, is a single that is all about having fun and enjoying life and having a lot of fun and living life with no regrets. I mean, who wouldn’t want to have fun?

Nicki’s first single, “Pills N Potions,” is one record that is about no matter what you angry you get at your bae, you still will love that person. No matter what they do to you, the good will outweigh the bad. It is also a single that is about focusing on yourself and moving from the past.

“Bed of Lies,” which is Minaj’s current single, is a song that not only features Skylar Grey, but it is about moving on to someone who deserves you. It is also a record that is about how Minaj explains how she did all she could for her man, but it still wasn’t enough for them to stay strong.

“Big Daddy,” which features Meek Mill, is about blowing money, being a boss, and females calling a male boss Big Daddy, while “Shanghai” is a single that pretty much explains two things: Nicki is a boss and that if you work + get a selfie with Beyonce, you’re pretty much IT.

The final single is “Win Again,”which about how she is a champion, a winner, the IT woman, pretty much a boss and how much hard work you have to put in order for you to become a boss.

Overall, the album was really amazing. When listening to the singles, you know that Nicki Minaj is not perfect all. She is human, like the rest of us. The only difference is that she works hard for what she wants, which is why she is so successful. You may not like her, but you have to give credit where credit it due.

So, with that being said, the album is definitely worth going to get.

The PinkPrint is available NOW.


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