Man Threatens To Kill Cops + Children Via Facebook

A Chicago man has been arrested for plotting to murder officers and children on Facebook.

Aries Woodfin was arrested late Friday in his home in Ford Heights, where he plotted to murder not only officers, but also “innocent white children.” When officers searched the home, they also found .45-caliber pistol, a homemade gun range, and used bullet casings. The disturbing Facebook statuses, however, were found by a woman who then contacted the Chicago Police Department about the posts.

According to NBC Chicago, he also ran around the street screaming and shouting things.

When he was arrested, Woodfin allegedly told officers he was a “warrior” and the “streets would run red with blood,” the source said.

Woodfin was previously convicted in 2000 of aggravated unlawful use of a weapon — illegal gun possession — and was sentenced to probation. He resided in Ford Heights and in Chicago, the source said

Woodfin was charged with illegal gun possession, disorderly conduct, failure to have a valid firearm owner’s identification card, and assault.

He was ordered held without bond on Saturday.

[Credit + Photo: NBC Chicago]


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