Autopsy of LAPD Shooting Victim Released

An autopsy of a man who was recently gunned down by the Los Angeles Police Department has been released.

The records of the autopsy of Ezell Ford was revealed just yesterday of the cause of his death. In the autopsy, it shows that he was shot three times in not only the right side of his body, but also one in the right part of his back and once in the right arm.

According to the Los Angeles Times, a full report of the autopsy of his death was given, as well as detailed information of how he died.

The gunshot wound on his back showed the surrounding skin had a “muzzle imprint,” according to the autopsy, suggesting the shot was made at very close range. The autopsy said the back and side gunshot wounds were fatal.

The coroner ruled Ford died of multiple gunshot wounds. The death was classified as a homicide, the standard coroner’s classification for the death of someone by the hand of another. Fatal police shootings, including those later determined to be justified, are routinely ruled as homicides.

Steve Lerman, the attorney representing Ford’s family, described Beck’s comments as “self-serving.” He said the autopsy supported the family’s case against the department and city.

“What the report shows is that Ezell was shot in the back and killed,” Lerman said.

Although LAPD told the coroner’s office to not release any information, Mayor Eric Garcetti made a demand for the officers to release a public autopsy by the end of this year. Both parents of Ford have also filed a lawsuit against the LAPD for wrongful death, in addition to believing law enforcement officers used excessive force and racial profiling against their son.

Ford was shot and killed by police in August.

[Credit: LA Times]


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