Jets Fire Head Coach + General Manager

Things are not looking too well for Jets fans nor anyone in support of the team.

A statement was released just recently of the New York Jets organization firing head coach Rex Ryan. Along with the now former Head Coach, Woody Johnson also fired general manager John Idzik. The reason being is because they wanted to clear space for next season in order for next season to be much better and a chance to make the playoffs, as well as making space for a new and improved team.

“Both Rex and John made significant contributions to the team,” Johnson said in a statement, “and they have my appreciation and gratitude for their efforts and commitment. Over the years, Rex brought the Jets a bold confidence and a couple of great postseason runs, which all of us will remember…We will consider all options to improve the Jets. Getting the Jets back on track is my top priority, and today’s decisions are important steps towards achieving our goals.”

Ryan released no statement, but told players news about his release and show a highlight film. Idzik, however, who did not speak to the team, but thanked the staff and Johnson for everything and wished them the best of luck going forward.

[Credit: ESPN New York]


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