Woman Arrested For Having Sex With Teenager

A woman in Philadelphia was arrested after she was caught having sex with an underage boy.

Iris Gibney, a mother of a cheerleader at Pottsgrove High School, was caught at Hollenbach Park having sex with a 17-year-old soccer player in her car. Although she met the high school athlete at an event for one of her children, according to NBC Philadelphia, she’s been seeing this young male for quite some type and they’ve been in contact on several occasions.

Further investigation revealed Gibney and the teen communicated through Twitter and a public chat room. Gibney then sent the boy several partially nude photos from her cellphone to his, police said.

As part of their investigation, police confiscated the boy’s phone and found the sexts from the Pottstown woman, investigators said.

The mother of three children, including her daughter that attends Pottsgrove High School, is charged with trespassing in a motor vehicle, corruption of a minor, and disseminating obscene materials to a minor. However, she was held on a $50,000 bond.

[Credit: NBC Philadelphia + Image via the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office]



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