Top Female Bosses of 2014

Leaders. Future legends. Creators. Queens.

You see them. You respect them. You admire them. You want to be just like them. These are the women who have been working hard during 2014 and not only working hard for what they want, but proving of how much of a boss they really are.

So, in no order, these are the top female bosses of 2014:

Julz + Norma (@YesJulz + @Norma_Now)

These two ladies have been running 2014. They are not only the women to go to for parties, but the two women you want on your side if you want the best events. They’ve not only set an example for young females, but they also prove that ladies can run the world too.

Monica Lin (@ThundercupLA)

As Creative Director of Popular Demand, she has many positions, including making sure the store + line goes well and having the popular clothing store become even more successful. Not only is she determined and hungry for more success, she also proves of how much of a boss she really is.

Angel Brinks (@AngelBrinks)

As a designer, she not only is the Queen of Leggings, she has nothing but a lot of top models and even celebrities wearing her clothing. Traveling all of the world and still making money for nothing but women wearing her line, you cannot deny that she isn’t a boss.

Gisselle (@GeexZee)

Real estate agent by day. Turn up queen at night. She is the one woman in New York that can show you a good time and make drinks for you at night at one of the hottest clubs in NYC, but also make money off of you by showing you a perfect dream home by day. I mean, who wouldn’t love that?

Dorothy Wang (@DorothyWang)

Not only is she the queen of all selfies, but she also makes money by just being fabuluxe and being on the hit show Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. Not only that, but she also went to USC, got her real estate license, has her own jewerly line, and still makes time to post a selife. She is definitely a boss.

Nikki Mudarris (@MissNikkiiBaby)

Being a manager of a strip club is definitely one thing that can be difficult. But, if you are a boss like Mudarris, that is far from impossible. Not only did the young beauty graduate from USC, but she also appeared on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood this year. In 2015, you will definitely seeing a lot more of this boss right here.


If you don’t know who she is already, well… you missed out on this boss in 2014. Not only is she a model and can make a clothing line a success, but she also has her own jewelry. Don’t believe her or the fact that she is a true boss? Just watch out and don’t sleep on her in 2015.

Anaya Rod. (@AnayaL8ter)

A designer with swag, Anaya not only is one of the top social media queens that made a name for herself, her clothing store is nothing but a major success. Not only does she uplift women to be a boss, but she is definitely one herself and motivates herself each and everyday to continue to be that boss woman.

Jordy Craig (@AllEyesOnJordyC)

Classy. Hardworking. Determined. These are just a few things to describe how much of a boss Craig is. Not only does she make her own money by selling hair, but she also travels all over the world and continues to live life. Not to mention her father is an executive producer for Real Husbands of Hollywood.

Draya Michele (@DrayaFace)

Model. Business owner. Girlfriend. Mother. Reality star. She definitely has a lot on her plate, but she definitely makes sure she becomes even more successful. Not only will she be appearing for another season of Basketball Wives LA, but she also has her successful lines, Mint Swim + Fine Ass Girls. I mean, you cannot deny that she isn’t a boss right now.

Erica Mena (@IAmErica_Mena)

As a model + party girl + business owner, not to mention vet of Love and Hip Hop New York, Erica Mena definitely has worked hard for her own money and not let anyone or anything stand in her way. Not only did she get engaged to Bow Wow during the BET Hip Hop Awards this year, but she is continuing to show people that she can do things her way or no one else’s way.

Sue Tsai (@SueTsai)

Tsai has definitely made a name for herself, including a lot of celebrities wearing her line and even pictures of her amazing artwork being displayed on many of things. Not to mention her artwork was displayed at this year’s Basel art exhibit, she also proves that she is more than just an artist.

Zoey (@SmileZ0ey)

Coming from Seattle, Zoey is currently taking over. As a business owner for her clothing line and still getting a lot more followers, she definitely has had a great year within her business and own success. You will be seeing a lot more of her + her line in 2015.

Geebin Flores (Geebin)

With a lot of females rocking her line, Geebin has definitely proven that she isn’t just some designer that can come up with any design. Not only that, but she has traveled all over the world and still collecting money and more success this year. If you slept on her this year, you definitely want to wake up and pay attention to this boss in 2015.

Reem Haddad (ReemTheeQueen)

Snapchat queen. Casting director. Student. Radio Host. ReemTheeQueen has definitely been proving just of how much of a boss she really is. Make sure you also aren’t sleeping on this young queen in 2015.

Ariella (BowAriella)

Social media queen. Wisdom goddess. Everyone knows her and everyone loves her. With her line, Fuck Fake Bitches, be releasing sometime in 2015, she is still shining and proving to the word that she isn’t just some pretty face and thousands of followers.

Melly (@M3llyBaby)

With the launch of her line, Melly Closet, being a major success so far in her life, Melissa, or Melly as a lot of people may know her as, has proven that she has a lot more than just some T-Shirt line. She is also showing the world that she plans on taking over some more in 2015.

Kayce (InfamousKayce3)

You may like, love, or even have a strong dislike for her. But, does she really care? Nope. As a stylist and even a Seattle Seahawks fan, she has definitely proven in 2014 that she is going to take over the world and not care what anyone thinks about her. She did that successfully, by the way.


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