35 People Killed In China During NYE Celebration

Thousands of people attended last night during the celebration of New Year’s Eve. A night of fun and happiness then became a night of fear, scared, and sadness as 35 people were killed while in Shanghai, China.

According to CNN, many of those attending were there to only celebrate when a stampede occurred, killing at least 35-40 people, many of those who were only students:

The stampede broke out around 11:35 p.m. Wednesday along the city’s riverfront, the state-run Xinhua news agency said. At least 42 people were injured, Xinhua reported.

Authorities are investigating the cause, Xinhua said.

A witness told the government-run news agency that people started scrambling after coupons that looked like dollar bills were thrown from the third floor of a building.

Many of the dead were young students, CCTV America reported, citing Shanghai rescue authorities.

Video from the Reuters news agency showed people sobbing in a hospital waiting room. One woman told CCTV they’d been waiting for hours for information about their loved ones.

The Bund, a popular place of where many Shanghai citizens and visitors visit, drew a large crowd of 300,000 people during New Year’s Eve. Although the event was going to be shut down because of how many people were planning to attend, this is the reason they were planning to shut it down.

Check out photos below from last night’s event:



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