Man Gets Arrested After Stealing Golf Cart From Rose Bowl

A California man is arrested after he was intoxicated and stole a golf cart and was driving it on the freeway.

After the game between Oregon and Florida State ended, Andrew Aldridge was drinking to the extent of which he not only did not have a ride home, but he also had to make a long drive to pick up his car to get home. So, he decided to make a way by taking a golf cart from the Rose Bowl game.

According to the Los Angeles Times, California Highway Patrol responded to those who spotted him driving the golf cart on the 210 Freeway in Pasadena.

“He took the cart and was trying to get to his car on the other side of Pasadena,” said Sgt. Mike Munoz. “It’s definitely chalked up as one of the new experiences for a lot of people here.”

Officers caught up with the man less than a mile from where he was spotted and forced him to exit the freeway at Hill Avenue, Polizzi said.

Aldridge was arrested and charged with DUI and the cart was impounded.

Whenever you are drinking and you are too drunk to get home, just call a cab.

[Credit: Los Angeles Times]


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