My Little Maltese

Right now, it is 10:34 at night on a Sunday night. While I am sitting here looking at my little adorable one, I figured I would write about the time of how my little princess came into my life and stayed for good. 🙂

So for a long time I’ve always wanted a dog. Even though I had one when I was little (I actually two doberman pinscher who eventually we had to give up, at least I think so) and we never got the chance to really have a family dog. One day, my mother decided to keep this little adorable Maltese named Bella for a few days from a co-worker. She was shy at first because she was abused for a long time. But, once she got to know us more, she eventually came around.

Those few days then turned into weeks that the original mother. Then, one day, my mom was talking to her former mom and asked her “Well do you want to keep her?” and of course my parents thought it was best that we keep her because she’s so damn adorable, not to mention she is just a ball of energy and FREE. I mean, if we would’ve gotten a dog, it would’ve cost a lot of money, probably around one to five thousand dollars for her. But, she was given to us and ever since then, she’s been my little ball of sunshine.


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  1. Aloha, Bella and happy New Year. Maltese salute!


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