Boston Officer Arrested After Using Racial Slur

A Boston officer was arrested after using racial slurs and attacking an Uber driver.

Michael Doherty was getting chauffeured by an Uber driver at around 2:45 A.M. While the victim was driving, Doherty attacking him verbally and using a lot of offensive language to hurt the driver.

According to the Boston Globe, Doherty was also using racial slurs:

According to a police statement, an Uber driver told officers at about 2:45 a.m. that a passenger, later identified as Doherty, had assaulted him. The driver also said Doherty repeatedly used racial slurs during the encounter, according to a police report obtained by the Globe.

When the vehicle was on East Second Street, the driver reported, Doherty said they were in the wrong place and asked, “What, you think I’m stupid, you [expletive],” followed by a racist term for Latinos, the report said.

Doherty told the man to keep driving and began hitting him when he stopped at East Second and M Streets, prompting the driver to get out, according to the report.

The officer chased the driver around the vehicle, the report said, and the driver waved down motorists for help until a man stopped to offer assistance. At that point, Doherty got behind the wheel of the Uber vehicle and drove off, according to the police report.

The Uber driver got into the assisting man’s car, and they followed Doherty, who exited the victim’s vehicle at East First Street and Farragut Road, the report said.

He walked toward the Uber driver and the man who provided help, who is black, and said, “What do you want, you [expletive],” and then used the n-word, the report said.

The driver was then attacked by Doherty while another man was trying to pull him off of him. He walked away, but was then arrested for the crime and was placed on administrative leave.

He has been released on a $500 bail and has been ordered to go under drug and alcohol evaluations.

[VIA Boston Globe]


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