Oregon Man Arrested After Breaking Into Homes

A man in Oregon was arrested after he was caught breaking into homes, drinking other people’s liquor, and doing it all naked.

Guillermo Brambila Lopez was arrested after he broke into someone’s home while a woman was house sitting. The woman, who was not identified, heard noises coming from the laundry room. Once she heard the door slammed, she grabbed a knife and called officers and her husband.

According to the Associated Press, Lopez entered the building by removing a screen and once officers arrived, they found him drinking alcohol and sitting in a hot tub in his birthday suit, literally:

Police found the burglar inside, naked, and arrested him without incident. Investigators determined that he climbed in through a back window after removing a screen.

They also noticed that screens had been removed from windows at a neighbor’s home. Police say the suspect had burglarized that home, drinking the homeowner’s alcohol and using the hot tub and shower.

No word on what he was charged with or even where his clothes were.

[VIA Associated Press]


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