Pathers Coach Home Caught On Fire

A NFL coach home was caught on fire just recently.

Panthers Coach Ron Rivera and his team was just recently celebrating the victory of beating Arizona Cardinals in the Wild Card round of the NFC Playoffs on Saturday. However, his home was caught on fire just yesterday.

The fire began in the upper level of his home in Charlotte and when a smoke detector went off, it immediately woke him and his family up. Everyone rushed out of the home and managed to get out of there safely.

According to ESPN, no one was hurt or killed while the fire occurred:

The Charlotte Fire Department ruled the fire was accidental and was caused by the fireplace. They said the cost of damage was approximately $500,000.

Rivera said his brothers had been watching football all day and had the fireplace on.

“They’re football junkies and they were watching football all day. They had the fireplace on for quite a few hours,” he said. “When we got done that night and when I got home and watched the end of the game and shut it down and went to bed it somehow just smoldered and kicked into high gear later on.”

Rivera’s sister-in-law told the television station that six people — Rivera, his wife, Stephanie, his two brothers and their wives — were in the house when the fire started.

According to officials, 55 firefighters responded to the two-alarm call around 4 a.m. ET and found heavy smoke and flames coming from the house. A hole was cut in the roof of the three-story brick house to get the fire under control, and the family’s pets were also rescued.

A photo was tweeted of the family home after the damage:

Luckily no one, including the family pets, were harmed.

[via ESPN]


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