San Francisco Kills Man With Fake Gun

San Francisco police officers are currently in the hot seat after they shot a man who had a fake gun.

The victim,, was walking around the Mission District police station very belligerent and strange. He was also walking around the parking lot of the state with a gun that was not real.

According to San Jose Mercury News, officers then fired shots at the man, shooting him several times:

Three police sergeants approached the man and asked him to leave, Esparza said. He began to walk away but stopped before reaching the parking lot entrance at Valencia Street and turned to confront the officers.

Still facing the sergeants, Esparza said the man began to back away while also reaching his hands into his waistband, revealing the butt of a gun.

“The sergeants saw the butt of the weapon as he pulls it out and brandishes it at the sergeants,” Esparza said.

Two of the sergeants fired their weapon at the man, striking him multiple times, he said.

He was then rushed to a nearby hospital, where he later died.

[VIA: San Jose Mercury News]


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