Graffiti Artwork Sends Threatening Message To Officers

Since the shooting of two New York Police Department officers, there are have been many reports of death threats to officers, as well as messages being posted via social media of how individuals plot to murder officers.

A graffiti message was also posted on the wall of a building in Queens. The messages on the building at Pomonok Houses stated a very threatening message, according to DNA Info.

The graffiti that reads “PSA-9 ‘n’ 107 Pct R Next to Die” was spotted in the basement of a building at the Pomonok Houses on Parsons Boulevard, near 65th Avenue, sources said.

Police Service Area 9 serves the Pomonok Houses. The housing project is also part of a larger area covered by the 107th Precinct, which includes Fresh Meadows, Cunningham Heights, Hilltop Village and Kew Gardens Hills as well.

This incident comes just days after two officers were shot in Bronx and officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos were killed in Brooklyn.

[Credit + Photo: DNA Info]


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