More Bill Cosby Accusers Come Forward

A comedian who is facing sexual assault accusations has many more victims coming forward.

Bill Cosby has been in the hot seat for many months, including facing allegations of 20+ women coming forward and stating how they were sexually assaulted by him. Recently, three women came forward and stated that they were once victims of him molesting them during the 1980’s. Those three women, Linda Kirkpatrick, Lynn Neal, and “Kacey,” all built a certain amount of trust, admiration, and respect for him until he drugged the women and molested them.

According to BBC News, all three women share the same experience of being molested by the 77-year-old:

The women at Wednesday’s news conference described incidents of sexual assault in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

One of them, Linda Kirkpatrick, said she had wanted to come forward earlier but feared she would not be believed.

They happened too long ago to result in criminal charges or lawsuits and Allred urged Cosby to waive the statute of limitations.

This restricts the length of time in which legal action can be taken after an alleged crime has been committed.

The experiences that these women went through were the same, but at different times, according to While Kirkpatrick was drugged and assaulted in the 1980’s, as well as apologizing and doing it again. For Neal, however, she put a lot of trust and respect into Cosby him pretending to be her friend and him raping her. But, Kacey worked for the popular TV dad’s agent and thought of him as a “father figure” only for her to wake up naked in bed with him after taking a pill given to her by him.

Their lawyer, Gloria Allred, issued this following statement:

[Credit: BBC News + Vulture]


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