Females Judging Other Females…But WHY?

Whenever I go on Instagram, Twitter, or even in public, I always see a female making a negative comment about another female or they have something to say. But, my question is this: WHY? What purpose are you serving as a female to judge the next one when you don’t even know them or know what they go through on the consistent basis? I really don’t understand how it is even necessary for one female to take the time out of their day to hate on the next one, especially a female that is focusing on the next one’s dreams + trying to be successful in life. What is wrong with that?

For example, every single time I go on Instagram or Twitter, I see nothing but a lot of these females making nothing but negative comments about the next female. “She’s a hoe,” “She probably fuck for fame and money,” “She’s nothing but a bum bitch,” or “You’re not good enough.” I really get annoyed by negative comments by other females and it’s not because it’s on social media it’s because a female is willing to take just 10-20 minutes out of her day to make such a nasty comment about a woman whose doing her thing and just living HER life.

Even in the “real world” I see nothing but females looking at other females up and down and having to make negative comments. For example, I was spending time with my sister when I happened to see two females staring at another girl and they were just making jokes about her and then they did the same thing to me. But, when I saw them and laughed at them, they didn’t say anything and looked at me and walked away.

In my opinion, I feel like we are living in a generation of where there are a lot of females who spend way too much time hating on another female or making negative comments for NO REASON. We should be uplifting and empowering one another and trying to be successful instead of trying to compete for the same thing. But why? Why are we as women competing for things that don’t matter, as in who got the biggest ass or who has the most followers on Instagram or judge them because of what they do with their lives when it has nothing to do with me or it’s not my place to judge these women? To me, I would rather see women shine and make success for themselves and their families rather than hate on them and make smart ass comments about them.

I’m not saying you can’t have your own opinion of a female. If you don’t like someone or you have an opinion, hey that’s you. To each its own when it comes to views about someone that you as a woman may have about another woman. But, to sit back and judge and try to find out their flaws and use it against them is pathetic and sad. To me, that is someone who is insecure and judgmental when they don’t quite have the right to judge. No one is perfect at all. God didn’t create everyone to look alike. We are all different in our own way, which is why we are all beautiful and unique. Flaws and other things is what makes a woman beautiful. But, judging another woman based on what YOU see makes you look insecure and like a hater.

Like I said, if you have an opinion about a female, OK cool and I respect that because that is your opinion. But, there is a difference between judging a female and just having an opinion about another female. Saying something like “I don’t like her because…” is an opinion, which I understand because a lot of females have opinions. But, saying things like “She a hoe” or “She a bum ass bitch” bothers me because we all have a story that many of us may not want to share.

A lot of you females or males may not quite agree with me on this post. That’s fine. But, let me just say this: in my opinion, judging other females is never okay. Yes, it happens no matter what. I get that. But, what makes us as women exactly so different to the point of where we have to point fingers and nitpick at how many mistakes, flaws, or even imperfections a female has within herself? As I’ve said before, no one is perfect at all. Absolutely no one. I mean, I’ve made mistakes I’m not proud of. But, am I going to judge another woman and call her names other than the one she was given to at birth or the name she chooses to be called? No. I would rather empower females and support them than hate on the next woman shining.

To all females who work hard, stay true to themselves, stay humble, remain confident in themselves, and still find time to do what is best for themselves and their families, I salute you. Continue to do you and continue to be nothing but amazing, humble, and extraordinary women you were born to be. However, for the women who hate or has nothing but negative things, just stop. Life is WAY too short to worry about what another woman is doing and what she does with her life.

Point is this: we as women were all born to do something great, but how can we if a lot of you females are constantly making nasty comments about other females?

With that being said, I am going to go get some sleep.






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