RiFF RAFF Makes Deal To High School Students To Take Them To Prom For $28,000

If you are a high school student and you are looking for a prom date, just ask RiFF RAFF. Parents, you may want to get a loan or your checkbooks ready.

RiFF made a deal via Instagram of getting the luxury experience of not only being his prom date, but getting the full VIP treatment from him for that one special night. But, there is one problem with that: the cost of it all is $28,000. So, if you are looking to get promo from him for you to be his date for that special night, to be in a Lamborghini, and just getting the ultimate experience of your life, that is going to cost you $28,000 plus the money for everything you need for Prom Night.

Well, if you have the money and you are looking for a date, RiFF RAFF can be your date. Otherwise, just go alone or find someone you really want to go with.

Check out the photo below:


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