Cindy Crawford Shares Opinion On Modern Day Models

If you are an aspiring model, this name should be no surprise to you. In fact, she is a legendary model in the fashion industry.

However, during an interview, Cindy Crawford shared her opinion about modern day models in the world of fashion. Not only did she discuss her experience of being a model, but she also believes the “heyday” of modeling is over, in addition to explaining how models now a days are only doing it for fame and not for the passion of it. Crawford also talks about how being on a magazine is more made for those who are on reality television and in the media rather than the model herself.

Here is an excerpt from that interview:

She said at the time it was “like the stars were in alignment”, explaining: “The reason supermodels could come into being was because Hollywood actresses wanted to be taken seriously. They didn’t want the red carpet to be a catwalk, which it has now become.

Well sheesh.

[via The Evening Standard]


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