Nicki Minaj’s My Time AGAIN (Review)

Tonight was the release of Nicki Minaj’s “My Time AGAIN.” This documentary focused on many points in her life, including her 2014 MTV Video Music Awards performance. What this film focused on was not only that performance, but the snake biting incident, the wardrobe malfunction, and even her rehearsal of her 2014 VMA performance of her smash single, “Anaconda.” In addition, you also see many points in her life, including playing her album, The PinkPrint, for D bigz and Brinx Billions and playing her “Anaconda” video for her dancers and choreographer, Casper Smart, as well as her engineer “Big Juice” Delaine playing some of the singles from her album. She also talked about her relationship with Safaree Samuels and talked about life in Queens, New York and her family.

The documentary was really one worth watching because it really showed a side of Nicki that no one else knows about her or doesn’t get the chance to see about her. When watching it, you can tell that she has a lot of passion and love into what she loves to do. During a scene in rehearsal, she is definitely assertive but aggressive towards her dancers because she wants the performance to be perfect and she is a perfectionist.

Minaj also talked about her relationship with Samuels, and you can tell that she was really in love with him and that their relationship was strong and a love + bond that not many people knew or really could understand.  She even talked about her pregnancy, but had a miscarriage and how she does want to be a mother someday.

What I love + respect (even more) after watching this is that she’s REAL. Yes, she is an artist. She is a public figure. But, what many people don’t realize is that she is still Onika. Of course she is going to get judged for pretty much everything in her life. But, at the end of the day, she is living her life and just enjoying life as the days go on. After watching the documentary, she really makes you think about how important it is to really just go for what you want in life and still manage to enjoy the people in your life that will make you truly happy and only want what is best for you.

Is she one of the best rappers out right now? Yes, at least in my opinion because of how much success she has made for herself. But, that is not what makes me respect her. What makes me respect Nicki is that she’s real and at the end of the day, whether you love her or hate her, she is still going to do whatever it takes to have even more success in her life and continue to live the life she was determined to have and that she has worked hard for.

Overall, truly worth watching.


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