Originality. Creativity. Hustle: Where Is It Now?

Good morning world!

So, I woke up this morning and I had a dream that I was interviewing an upcoming artist and after that interview, we got on the discussion of creativity and art. Then, we got on the subject of how the art of life has changed, and I explained how there isn’t really originality + creativity in life anymore. The artist then asked me, “Well what do you think originality, creativity, and hustle is now a days?” Then the dream stopped and I woke up and thought about what it really means and how it’s not really quite there anymore.

According to Webster’s Dictionary, these are the definition of what creativity, hustle, and originality means:

Originality – the quality of being new and different in a good and appealing way

Hustle – to sell or promote energetically and aggressively

Creativity – the quality of being creative:  the ability to create

Originality is a form of life because it shows that you are you and that you don’t have to fit the “trend” just to get noticed or even have to imitate another person’s passion for success. Creativity is also a part of life because it shows that you are original and that you can come up with anything and make it look so realistic and show people that you stand out from the rest and that you are unique. Hustle is one other form of life because you are pushing for something that you truly do want and working twice as hard just to get that amount of success that you really do want, even if you have to wait weeks, months, or years before you get there. However, the art of all three of these terms are lost because a lot of us as individuals are so quick to want to make money, become famous, or just put half – ass shit out there that we rarely even stop to think about what the passion for being yourself and knowing that the amount of hard work, the amount of imagination, and the amount of YOU you put into your work becomes a masterpiece.

These definitions are so simple, yet they mean so much because it’s a part of who we are, what we do, and how we are going somewhere. Why I feel like it is lost, especially now a days, is because of so many people trying to do the same thing and it’s getting to a point of where it’s no longer original or creative.

I feel like there is little to no originality to a lot of things. The art + hustle + passion of many of things has become such a trend that there is no “flavor” to that particular thing. Music is definitely one of those things because it’s becoming such a trend that everyone thinks that they are the next biggest star. Now, am I saying there are talented people out in this world? Absolutely. But, where is the creativity, originality, and hustle to make great music? A lot of artists are so quick to want to become the next biggest star and making the same music as the next person that it becomes a point of where it’s like “Where is the originality?”

For me, I don’t feel like there are a lot of music artists in this industry who are really making music anymore. Yeah, the beat can be incredible, but what about the lyrics? Lyrics in a song is supposed to make you think and inspire you and supposed to make you want to actually just feel the emotion in a song. Now, there are some songs that you can party to. But, where are the artists that are making music for the passion of it? Where are the Nas’s, the Jay Z’s, the Talib Kweli’s, the Snoop Dogg’s, the E-40’s, rappers like The Game, the MC Lyte’s, KRS One, Slick Rick, people that make music to party, but also make you think or really imagine yourself as if you are that person? Even the hustle for a lot of artists is slowly becoming thin. There are artists that are out there that I feel like are saying the same thing. Now, I’m not gonna say WHO, but there are a quite few artists that make music that is pretty much sounding like the next person

Art + dance is another thing that is starting to become the same. I mean, there is a rare few people that are out right now that are actually original + creative when it comes to the true form of art. Sue Tsai, Ron English, Banksy, and a couple of other people out right now are still sticking to the tradition of art, but expressing it in a new school kind of way. But, a lot of people are so quick to want to draw just a picture instead of telling a story in that picture or paint something and really let out their emotions through the painting. Dance is even starting to lose originality + creativity. I’m sorry ladies, but twerkin is not a form of dance. That is just shaking your ass. I mean, where is the form in dance of moving your ass like a stripper? Dance is a form of art, a form of expression, a form of how you tell a story, not just doing it because the next person is doing it.

Even fashion + sports, as well as being on social media is starting to become slowly boring. For fashion, a lot of females + males want to become the next model, fashion designer, or business owner for a fashion line, or even a fashion blogger. Now, I don’t have a problem with anyone who is on their hustle to make money. But, I don’t want to walk around and see something that one woman is wearing that another female is wearing that comes from two different places. I mean, a lot of females now a days are too busy trying to be the next famous model or fashion designer for fame + fortune that it’s starting to become the same thing.

Where is the passion for making a line or becoming a model for the love, the drive, the passion? It’s not quite there. In my opinion, a lot of females are more interested in discovered by Instagram rather than by Ford Models, just like quite a few women are making clothing just by posting a picture just to get likes rather than doing it for the passion for having a line that is original + creative.

Even certain players are becoming known for having money or become famous for one game in college. I understand that sports can be a way of life for many people to get out of that life. But, there are a lot of people who want to become an athlete for the money, fame, and success. To me, I just think that there are certain people who really need to become an athlete because just like with anything else, you have to really work hard for what you want and be able to work hard for that dream in order for you to become truly successful. Not to mention certain athletes who just only want to become an athlete for the materialistic shit, like as in having 30 cases of Ace of Spades, expensive jewelry, women, fast cars, and living the life that some of these players don’t work hard or at least don’t work hard enough for.

Overall, I just believe that the idea of being creative and original should be pushed because a lot of people are so caught up into what someone else is doing that we forget about what our passion is. I’m not saying that there aren’t any creative people because there are thousands. But, the purpose of what you do is through how much time you’re willing to put into your craft, what you are doing it for, and why you are doing it. That has become so lost because of how much certain people are willing to make money and become the next shining star instead of appreciating the beauty of what their dreams are.


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