Light Girls Documentary (Review)

The moment is finally here. The highly anticipated documentary has arrived. Well, at least last night on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN Network it did. Many tuned to watch a documentary based on how light skinned girls were treated, from the time slavery began to now. A lot of young light skin females, including myself, have been judged based on what people know or have experienced or even think about light skin women. In addition, the movie featured Amber Rose, Nya Lee, Angela Yee, Diahann Carroll, Sally Richardson, Raven Symone, LisaRaye McCoy, and many other women who are considered “light skin,” as well as dark skinned women.

I felt that this movie was important to watch because it highlights the advantages and disadvantages many women who are light skin face in the world, including young females. What I felt was really a key aspect was how many young women who are both light skin and dark skin were the experiences many women were facing from childhood to adulthood, as well as facing hardships of being a light skin or dark skin woman from family, friends, colleagues, teammates, etc.

I really loved the documentary because there were a lot of things that they discussed that I felt was important and really thought it was amazing. One thing was that a lot of women were telling their stories of how they were treated as light skin women. One of my favorites was Amber Rose’s story was because it was a side of her no one really knew and no one got the chance to hear and how some of her family members didn’t show up to her wedding because of her family believing her husband should’ve been something other than dark skin. Another one was Nya Lee’s story and how she was bullied because she was light skin, which surprised me because she is such a strong individual and she has a strong personality not to mention not many people only characterized her as “rude” because of when she was on VH1’s Love and Hip Hop. One other one was Sally Richardson and how she was treated as being a light skin female, as well as some of the things Angela Yee said when she was on the documentary.

Another thing I loved was how they showed many different parts of the world and how they are treated within the light skin v. dark skin categorization. In addition, it was interesting how it is a global issue because of how many different races are treated as far as who is considered light skin and who is considered dark skin. It was an eye opener, especially in Asia, where they were separated based on their skin color and still being treated that way to the point of which it has become a part of the culture.

One other thing I loved was that it was really about what many challenges females who are light skin face, especially on social media. I mean, as a light skin female, I get judged without having to say anything. It’s hard being a light skin female because I’m automatically characterized as a female who is a bitch, high maintenance, prissy, stuck up, or I’m easy. I get so many nasty looks from so many different people just because I’m light skin and not because of what’s on my face or how I approach other people or just my attitude in general. Especially on social media, if you are a light skin female, you are judged as the devil or a bitch or you are high maintenance just because you are light skin and not by the content of your character, what you post, or even what type of image you are presenting on social media.

However, the one thing I didn’t like is that the men on there were saying how light skin women were “trophy wives” and saying things like how a light skin woman is very stuck up. Now, were they being honest in their opinions? Absolutely. But, was it factual? No because not every light skin woman is a trophy wife, just like not every dark skin woman is evil or going to be just doing everything a man says, as well as not every light skin man is a pretty boy or every dark skin man is ugly. I just felt that they either did not take it seriously or they were saying things that weren’t factual and that were just ridiculous. But, the ending was really good as well because it shows that no matter if you are dark skin or light skin, you are beautiful.

Overall? Great documentary. Eye – opening and definitely one to watch.


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