Top Five Most Effective v. Ineffective Ways Of Marketing and PR

There are many things that we see in the media that are considered “great commercials” or something that many people do in the media that are great, while other things should have been left alone. Now, I am not an expert when I talk about these things, however, these are things that are just either good or bad when it comes to marketing and PR. They are also effective in selling a product or even trying to have some form of “good publicity” even when they are at the center of the media’s focus.

Most Effective


This is an excellent form of marketing! Not only is Taco Bell selling their product, but they are engaging those to buy their products, as well as engaging them in conversations. It’s great because it’s not only great communication between the consumer and the company, but social media, especially Twitter, is a great way for those to really be able to voice their opinions on what they want, as well as still selling a product without doing too much or not having enough.


This a great move for Russell Wilson because despite his loss, he isn’t complaining or getting into arguments with people via social media. Although he is receiving backlash for his incident in the Super Bowl, he is showing those that he is accepting his loss and continuing to move forward with his life without causing any negative attention to himself.


These are great PR moves, as well as perfect for marketing. Why I say this is because he isn’t arguing with anyone and drawing more attention to the situation and instead of making the issue worse, he is also using social media as a way for people to give back. An example is this tweet:


“I think she should focus on what got her here, and that’s her music, her performing and continue to just present her talents to the world,” Tip told TMZ.

This is a perfect PR move because he is not only defending her, but he is making the situation more positive situation rather than making the situation worse than what it already is. In addition, he isn’t bashing her, in addition to him focusing on her career rather than the negativity on social media.


This is a perfecting marketing tool. What is so perfect about Victoria’s Secret is that they are building a connection between the company and the consumers, as well as asking them how their day is and using effective communication to get consumers involved and caring for their needs and wants, as well as maintaining professionalism and not being “too much.”

Most Ineffective


This isn’t quite the smartest thing to do. It not only makes the situation worse and gives the media something to talk about. This is also bad publicity because instead of people focusing on her music, many people are more drawn into her tweets rather than her career and making a story that could hurt her rather than help her.


Again, not great at all. Had she word this differently it would’ve not caused attention, as well as causing people to think that she is a bitch. Not to say that she is, but this makes it seem like she is saying it to not give a fuck and again, make it sound like she is being a bitch.


This is just horrible marketing. It is not only pulling customers away, but it is making you lose business. Not to mention it’s offensive to dog owners and can really cause media attention, and not in a good way either.


“But later on she said she “did have that conversation” with Cruise, 51, about “cooling it” with his religion and cautioned him not to incorporate it into his promotional work on films.”

This is a bad PR move, like this is really bad. As a publicist, you shouldn’t tell your client what to do. OK scratch that. You should tell them what to do. But, as a publicist, unless you are their parent or someone involved in their life as in personally, it is not the job of the publicist to be their parent, spouse, etc. unless they have to get directly involved.


This commercial isn’t quite one worth watching. Now, using a public figure is great because you want to use someone that is in the public eye in order for a product to be sold. But, you also want to engage your customers in a commercial that is amusing and attention – grabbing and unfortunately, this commercial seems more serious than it is funny.


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