Anaya Rodriguez: A Triple Threat With One Click

She is not hard to find, especially on social media. Not to mention she is a certified BOSS.

Anaya Rodriguez is one of those females who has nothing but talent and skills. With her business, NayaVista, as well as her success with being a wardrobe stylist, and her thousands of supporters on social media, including her videos on Vine, she is definitely someone that is planning to take it to the top. But, how does she manage time with being a stylist, a business owner, and making Vine videos? Not only does she balance her time well, but she also finds time to live her life and do it with swag and class.

Some people may not like her. There are even those who try to bring her down. But, does she care about those who isn’t worth her time or energy? Absolutely not. She continues to put her focus on things that matters to her, including her family, friends, and those who show her nothing but support and love.

You may hate her. Or you may love her. But, one thing that she knows is that she is definitely respected and someone that is going to be at the top, if not already.

Check out her store, NayaVista, and follow her on the following social media sites:

Twitter | Instagram | Vine


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