Video: Kanye West, Vic Mensa, and Sia All Perform During #SNL40

Kanye West teamed up with Vic Mensa + Sia for the performance of Saturday Night Lives 40th Anniversary special on Sunday night. Despite his busy weekend with not only hosting the first annual Roc City Classic with Kevin Durant, but also hosting his Adidas collaboration fashion show and still finding time to get on stage during Drake and Nas’s Sprite All – Star Weekend concert.

The performance began of West performing his hit single “Jesus Walks” and ” as well as him laying on his back with a mic in his face. He then got up from the ground “Only One” and sung without Sir Paul McCartney, who was did perform earlier that night.

With him having wolf eyes as well as the background setting the dark mood, he then kneel’d down on the ground, while Mensa and Sia crawled to the front of the stage to really make the performance more dramatic and attention-grabbing. The wolf pack then performed their single, “Wolves,” which was played during Yeezy Boost show at New York Fashion Week just this past weekend.

Check out the performance here or below:


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