Journalism Today: What Does It Mean To Be A Journalist?

So today was a normal day on Twitter when I ran across a couple of tweets written by Terry Carter, who always says nothing but the truth and his writing is nothing but attention – grabbing, honest, and just nothing but amazing. I mean, these tweets interested me so I first thought I would share them with you all before getting into today’s topic:

Now, speaking from a journalist’s perspective, I can understand + agree where he is coming from. I mean, when it comes to writing a story, especially writing a story that will gain a lot of attraction, it is the headline that will make people want to read it. Every time you write a story, it is not just the story itself that’ll gain someone’s attention, as well as who you are talking about. It is also the headline and how you present the story that will get more clicks and gain more attention rather than the story itself.

It’s sad that future journalists + bloggers like myself can’t present a story and present information in a story without the headline being the first thing someone sees to even get the entire concept of what someone is saying in a story. Whether your article is just the greatest piece of work anyone has ever read or it’s just a sack of shit, it is the headline that is going to make someone click to the story and have a response. Plus the headline of the story itself and how it gets posted to social media is what’s going to get people to really read your story and form their own opinion.

Is it ridiculous that journalists must have a newsworthy headline in order for a story to be worthy of reading? Absolutely. Do I also believe that there are a lot of journalists out there who are biased? Of course! TMZ, Fox News, CNN, and so many other people are so damn biased that it’s hard to gain a certain amount of credibility, especially in the journalism industry, just because they are so quick to form an opinion based upon what they hear rather than the facts itself.

This is why I give credit to writers and journalists like Carter, whose I’ve said before (and will say again) writing is always attention – grabbing and newsworthy. It is unbiased, it’s raw, and the information he presents within a story is always something that is current and will get many others to really read his work without giving information that is inaccurate + opinionated. It is the work of his and so many non-biased journalists that will get him and many others far in life. I truly do commend those who stay or prevent themselves from being biased.


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