Chris Brown + Tyga Speak Grammy’s, Kylie Jenner Rumors, Fan of a Fan Album + More On Ebro In The Morning

Despite their busy schedule, as well as the release of their album tomorrow, Chris Brown + Tyga went on Hot 97’s “Ebro In The Morning” to discuss a lot of things surrounding the two artists in the media.

In the interview, Brown + Tyga both discussed the process of creating their album, Fan of a Fan 2, in addition to how the project itself came about. They also discussed their current tour, Between The Sheets, as well as how that all came together.

Breezy also talked about his Instagram post about Karrueche Tran and what is going on with him and Drake. Although the two were seen in the studio together, Chris Brown keeps it on mute of whether they have any type of issues with each other or even them beefing.

“We making him hot by talking about him. “I’m not taking Tyga’s side, but I don’t mess with dude. I’m on probation. That’s all I’m a say.”

Tyga was also asked about the rumors of him dating Kylie Jenner and how it is not anyone’s business of what they are doing:

“She’s just a good person and I love being around her. It’s my decision to continue to be around her and have her involved in my life. I don’t think it’s the world’s decision to dictate that.”

Chris also talked about the Grammy’s, as well as how he feels that the Grammy’s are more for Whites than they are Blacks.

“I just feel like the Grammys is fucking bullshit. You have these people that don’t know music. My issue is people not going off of how these billboards work and how this music works. If you not White, you don’t really win.”


I mean, he’s being honest here. Just saying.

Check out the interview and buy your copy tomorrow of Fan of a Fan 2:


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