Apple Advertises New Product In Vogue Magazine

They have done it again.

Apple recently launched the release of a new product that will be everywhere sometime in April. However, their 12 – page spread in Vogue Magazine of iWatch was something that was done for the first time ever in the U.S. version of Vogue, as well as the advertisement showing different features of the product, from many colors to how it could be beneficial to you, the consumer.

However, sometime in October was when many of us got the chance to get a first hand look of the product in Chinese Vogue, as well as on the cover of Self just recently. This Vine video also gives consumers the chance to see the magazine just shortly before the issue is released sometime this month.

This was a great form of advertising because of how Apple is using advertising within the beauty and fashion markets, as well as fashion + beauty magazine publications to really be able to gain interest from those who are in the fashion world. Although the release of the upcoming smartwatch was no surprise, it was a great advertising + marketing strategy.

How do you feel? Shout out your comments below:

[Credit: Mashable]


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