Fern Mallis Wants To Do With An Interview…With Kanye West?

A particular person in a high position of power wants to do an interview with someone who is known in the media.

During New York Fashion Week, creator Fern Mallis did an interview about how she felt about many designers and shows, including Kanye West’s Adidas x Yeezy collaboration. She made this statement about him overall:

“I’m kind of over Kanye,” she said. “I mean, I’m not a fan of his music, and the attitude and the agenda is not my style.”

However, West himself was not impressed with her comments and made a few tweets about Mallis herself:

According to Fashionista.com, this was her response to his rant:

“His response was very long, several twitters in a row, explaining his philosophy and how difficult it is for him to be a designer,” she explained. West concluded his twitter rant by asking Mallis to meet with him in person at the same downtown eatery where he caught up with former feud partner, Taylor Swift. “The Spotted Pig is getting a lot of press over this,” said Mallis. 

Mallis is interested in meeting with him, but on her own turf. “I actually want to invite him to the 92Y.” Kotb concluded the interview by saying she was looking forward to that interview, and Mallis added, “Let’s wait for his response, I haven’t formally invited him.” 

If this happens, can it be televised? If not, then I need a copy of this interview because this is going to be one interesting interview. Just saying.


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