Confessions of A Women’s Restroom

Now, everytime you walk into a restroom, what is the first thing you notice or even hear? Girls talking? Someone doing their hair? Maybe a female is washing their hands after doing…well, you know what. (Come on now, we are all adults here) But, what bothers me the most is whenever a girl is sharing too much information with a friend in the restroom where EVERYONE can hear you. Now, don’t get me wrong I will share certain things with my friends on my way to the restroom to do what I need to do while I’m in there. But, discussing information that is just TOO personal is just…eww.

Let me give you all an example: I was in the restroom getting changed for an event that I had. While I was in the middle of that, I heard two women talking and just having girl talk. Usually I am not one to get into another person’s conversations, but what bothers me is these two were women were talking about the woman’s boyfriend fingering her and having sex and how he did not call her back after that. Here are four problems with this: 1) You’re in a public restroom where many women can hear you talking about your boyfriend fingering you. 2) You’re saying this out in the open. 3) You’re discussing this with a woman you probably don’t even know or haven’t known for a long time. 4) Your sex life should be kept private or at least not in a space where many people can hear you.

I have no issues with a woman who wants to discuss her sex life and be free to openly do it. Kudos to you. However, there is a boundary to what you say and where you say it. Yes, you should be open to talk about sex and share your experience. But, when it comes to YOUR sex life, that should be kept private. No woman should be that free to the point of which they may feel it is that comfortable to tell another woman about what happened between you and the person you’ve had sex with the night before. That woman could use that information to tell to another person or even try to use that against or even worse: try to get into a relationship or possibly have sex with that person.

OK so now that I have probably disgusted you all with this post, remember this ladies: never share your information in a public, especially in a place where women shit and piss at on a daily basis. (We are all adults here…some of us)





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