GoFundMe…A Life?

Now, the talk of the day is about Go Fund Me, which is an account used to raise money for certain things, such as for school or to pay funds for a home or to feed the homeless, as well as trying to send more so someone can get surgery to cure a particular disease. In addition, it is also used so someone can be able to raise money for scholarships for children who are still in school, as well as college students.

It has come to my attention, according to my social media feed, that there is a certain female (or two) that has posted this via GoFundMe:

To me, this is not even funny. This is just stupid as hell. Why in the hell would you use a site like GoFundMe just so you can raise money to come out here to see the fight? Yes, it is a big fight to watch. But, it is not that necessary to which you have to act like Ezel from Friday just so you can come to Las Vegas. Vegas, out of all places? Seriously?

I could understand if you are trying to raise money to cure cancer or something┬álike that, as in important shit like that. I wouldn’t even have judged her if she said she was trying to go to Dubai or some expensive place. But, you are asking thousands of people to give you money to come to Vegas for a BOXING FIGHT. There’s nothing to do out here besides go eat at a restaurant or go to the club, at least if you are 21 and older.

What I don’t understand is that not only is this female think that she is acting like this is the right thing to do and it is not wrong to ask for money to come to Vegas for a weekend just to try to do the same shit everyone else is going to do out here: gamble, drink, eat, do stupid shit during Fight Weekend, and then go home. Maybe it’s just me, but you’re asking money to stay for a weekend then go back home. Unless this woman plan on being Floyd Mayweather’s girlfriend, then she really need to think about what she is doing.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t ask for money at all.┬áBut, what is more important: Fight weekend or paying your bills and making sure you have a place to stay or even have food to eat? Hmm, I would hope it would be not coming out here, but seeing as how the broad is too stupid to think about life decisions rather than trying to find out how much she is going to spend on a pair of Loubitins at the Palazzo, I guess she just really want to be out here for a weekend.

Important lesson to all women: don’t be like this woman here and ask for money for fight weekend or any other weekend out here and do not use GoFundMe as a way to ask for money for ridiculous things.


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  1. Since you posted this, she’s more than halfway there. Ugh!


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